The Portuguese Camino de Santiago

Walking Route Length: 630 km
Walking Route Number of Stages: 20 Stages
Walking Route Duration: 10 Days

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The Camino de Santiago (Portuguese)

The Portuguese Way is one of the routes that make up the Way of Santiago de Compostela and according to statistical data, it is the second route to Santiago de Compostela by number of pilgrims, after the Camino Francés.
In fact, 25,628 presences were registered in 2012, 29,550 in 2013 and 35,491, equal to 14.92% of pilgrims, in 2014.

According to tradition, it is the route that the Holy Queen, Isabella II of Portugal, followed on her pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. About 630 km long, it begins in Lisbon, to reach Santiago de Compostela, Spain, after passing through Santarém, Coimbra, Porto and Pontevedra.

The entry into Spain takes place in Tui, in Galicia, where it is reached after leaving Valença, the last city in Portugal, and crossing the river Miño. The route passes through Pontevedra, the capital of the Portuguese Way in Spain, where the Church of Our Lady Pilgrim is located, which protects pilgrims when they pass through Pontevedra.

As with the other routes that lead to Santiago, there is no official division into stages, but everything is left to the discretion of the pilgrim, based on physical possibilities, the time available or the desire to stop in a specific place.

According to the guides, it takes about 10 days to walk this stretch of the Way.

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