The Mozarabe fireplace

Walking Route Length: 200 km
Walking Route Number of Stages: 25 Stages
Walking Route Duration: 8-9 Days

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El Camino de Santiago Mozárabe (also called Camino de Santiago Sanabrés) consists of a series of itineraries located in the central southern part of the Iberian Peninsula which acquired particular importance during the Middle Ages and the main connection of the Andalusian ports with the large cities of the interior of Spain.

Routes linking the cities of Almeria, Granada, Malaga and Cordoba to Merida, from where the Camino de Santiago continues along the Via de la Plata.

From these, other paths connect this city with those of Jaen, Ciudad Real and Toledo. It is not a historic Jacobean pilgrimage route, even though the stretch between Granada and Merida is currently one of the parts in which a strong activity is developing aimed at the recovery and its infrastructure.

Unfortunately in other stretches little or nothing is being done.

Finally, it should be noted that between the cities of Cordoba and Granada there is another important cultural itinerary known as Ruta del Califato which is part of the cultural tourist itineraries of the public foundation "Legado Andalusi".

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