Camino de la Vera Cruz

Walking Route Length: 780 km
Walking Route Number of Stages: 31 Stages
Walking Route Duration: 14 Days

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Camino de la Vera Cruz

This pilgrimage route begins in the Navarrese Pyrenees, in San Jean de Pied de Port, and continues in parallel with the Camino de Santiago up to Puente La Reina where it separates to descend towards the south. The route crosses the territories of Navarra, Aragóna, Castilla La Mancha and Valencia until entering the Region of Murcia, in Jumilla. After crossing 67 municipalities, it arrives in Caravaca de la Cruz, where the route ends in front of the Vera Cruz Sanctuary.

Historical studies show the existence of the Cammino de la Vera Cruz as early as the 13th century when pilgrims went to Caravaca to adore the "Lignum Crucis", a wooden piece of the cross of Christ. Historical research leads us to believe that the Templars, during the Sixth or Seventh Crusade, brought a piece of Christ's cross to the Holy City of Caravaca, where it has been kept for eight centuries.

In Carava de La Cruz the first days of May are held beautiful celebrations intrinsically linked to the traditions, culture and history of this part of Spain, handed down over the centuries thanks to the commitment of the Cofradia de la Vera Cruz de Caravaca.

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