The Way of Francis in Lazio

Walking Route Length: 80 km
Walking Route Number of Stages: 8 Stages
Walking Route Duration: 8 Days

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The Way of Francis in Lazio

St. Francis lived in the Valle Santa Rieti one of the most intense seasons of his short life. We know with certainty that he arrived in Rieti in 1223, but previous stays cannot be excluded.
He left the valley in the spring of 1226, a few months before his death.

St. Francis deeply loved the Reatina Valley. Here he found refuge from the vanity of the world, he found simple people close to his message, he found a sweet and luxuriant nature.
St. Francis made the Reatina Valley, next to Assisi and La Verna, one of his three homelands. Thus this splendid plain, surrounded by hills and mountains, was from then on called the Holy Valley.
St. Francis chose the Holy Valley to carry out three fundamental gestures of his life and his spirituality: in 1223 he wanted the first Crib of Christianity, the same year he wrote the definitive Rule of the Order and, probably, that tender hymn which is the Canticle of the Creatures.

The Camino di Francesco is the path that the Saint made in the Holy Valley. By joining the Camino you will retrace the paths and roads that St. Francis loved. You will immerse yourself in the same spectacular nature that enveloped Francesco. You will live a unique experience of spirituality and purity.

The 80 km that make up the Way, inaugurated in December 2003, are divided into eight stages, sanctified by the direct presence of St. Francis.

The stages of the Way will take you: to medieval Rieti, with its palaces and churches, to the Sanctuaries of Greccio, La Foresta, Poggio Bustone and Fontecolombo, nestled in the green woods, to the beech wood of San Francesco in Rivodutri, to the he ancient village of Posta, pearl of the Velino Valley, and on the Terminillo peaks.

Along the Camino di Francesco there are wooden signs and, in built-up areas, directional arrows on the pavement, which will accompany and guide you along the paths of the journey, indicating the directions and the various stages.

You can choose the way you prefer to do your Camino: on foot, by mountain bike, on horseback, by car (this method has been made possible for all those with mobility difficulties). You will find paths and roads of rare beauty.

The Camino di Francesco is made even more special by the Passport: a document that certifies your presence on the paths of the Camino di Francesco.

Before setting off, contact the Central Office of the Camino di Francesco, at the headquarters of the Tourist Promotion Agency of the Province of Rieti in via Cintia, 87. You will be directed and advised to make your Camino a unique and unforgettable experience.

Starting point of the pilgrimage on foot: Cathedral of Rieti


1. Rieti – Poggio San Lorenzo (23 Km)

2. Poggio San Lorenzo – Ponticelli (19 Km)

3. Ponticelli – Monterotondo (29 Km)

4. Monterotondo – Montesacro (18 Km)

5. Montesacro – San Pietro (15 Km)

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