The Via Nicolaiana in Rome


NikolaosRoute – La Via Nicolaiana is a cultural itinerary project in the footsteps of Saint Nicholas, a universally revered and transversal figure, because he brings together East and West and symbolizes in his name the struggle and victory of the people over corruption and social, political and religious discrepancies .

His impact both in life and in worship, has positively changed relationships and alliances, from the Mediterranean regions to the rest of the continent. The folk traditions that arose from his legendary transformation into Santa Claus unite our birthplaces and our habits.
Nicola then tells our story, in many different forms..

The Walk on the Water

The "Walk on Water" is the name of a route that promotes the Material and Intangible Heritage of Bishop Nicholas of Myra, translated in the famous expedition of 62 sailors from Bari in 1087 AD.

Water as a Common Good is now considered fundamental, it is loaded with multiple symbolisms in all religions and is a natural bridge of communication with its universal Patron, Nicholas of Myra.
The area of ​​the Bracciano-Martignano lakes and the Saturnine colonies in northern Lazio represent the northern variant of the Lazio section being established "St. Nicholas Giftgiver. The Origins of the Gift", which includes the large colonies of Tuscia, to be retraced through gentle mobility and the historical reconstruction of the origins of Christmas: from the Roman Saturnalia at the entrance of the Christmas of Justice with the Christian archetype San Nicola in the territory, up to the legend of Santa Claus .

The Association animates the Nicolaian Festivities between the Trinity and Corpus Domini in the stretch from the X Municipality to the Capital up to the Aniene Mountain Community, with a program presented by the Church of San Nicola di Bari in Ostia which involves numerous other parishes in the tenth municipality, under the patronage of the Diocese of Rome South Sector.

A people, that of District X, which wants to recognize itself in the Nicolaian values ​​of social equity, legality, ethical economy, defense of the fragile, charity, responding with its own active and self-financed proposals to the image of Ostia, Porta del Mare in Rome, affected by the media events that have characterized it all over the world as a realm of organized crime.

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