Apennine Bike Tour


​Appennino Bike Tour is an initiative promoted by Vivi Appennino and Confcommercio Ascom of the Bologna area, launched to enhance the local mountain, later extended to the entire Apennine ridge: a single territorial reality that runs through the whole of Italy, from Liguria to Sicily.

In addition to the vision that coincides with the spirit of the Sentiero Italia, we are convinced by the approach of the partnership: talking about the environment and the territory in a different and proactive way, taking a step forward compared to the many who stop at the analysis of the critical issues. With due esteem for those who don't just propose but act.

By uniting the representatives of institutions from all over the country and making citizens and communities aware of the importance of enhancing the Apennine territories, the Appennino Bike Tour has succeeded in the enterprise of pedaling the entire ridge. With the idea of ​​enhancing the mountain that holds our country together, crossing it entirely from North to South, proposing a development model that focuses on forms of sustainable tourism.

Their initiative presents us with an exceptional educational and environmental story of Italy's biodiversity and, at the same time, with a profound challenge that concerns the "vertebral column" of Italy: the Apennines, with its splendid villages, with the Parks that make it unique in the world, with local communities that defend customs and traditions.

Starting from the networking of the territory and the idea of ​​enhancing the secondary roads, the foundations were laid for creating the largest cycle path in Italy, thus promoting the Apennines as a place for sustainable tourism and not only for hydrogeological instability, need for socio-economic recovery or the crisis aggravated by the damage caused by the earthquake.
Sport and travel as models for thinking about welcome and hospitality, not for mourning depopulation: a change of perspective that Cammini d'Europa supports and encourages, making itself available to enhance the Apennines as a single great store of value for the Italians of today and tomorrow.


The Appennino Bike Tour offers every year to cover the more than 2,600 kilometers of the Ciclovia with a relay, in a spring period that takes about two weeks.

On average, four stops are made every day, one for each of the 43 Stage Municipalities, until the Giro is completed in Alia, in the province of Palermo.

Kilometer after kilometre, the participants meet the local communities and confirm their common commitment to enhancing the hundreds of beauties that characterize the route along the entire Dorsale.

An event that combines the passion for sport with the peculiarities of the territory, allowing you to discover the numerous excellences among villages, nature reserves, castles and events, drawing the attention of citizens, cycling enthusiasts, local administrations and pro loco, all invited to participate and to welcome the passage of the relay.


With Vivi Appennino also the national e-bike meeting on the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines: every year, two days dedicated to the discovery of the natural wonders of the uncontaminated territory on the border between Romagna and Tuscany, among woods and landscapes that surround the UNESCO heritage of Sassofratino, in the heart of the Foreste Casentinesi National Park.

A territory to explore, which extends from the top of Monte Fumaiolo where the Tiber River comes to life, to Bagno di Romagna in its ancient village and spa, up to Santa Sofia and the majestic Ridracoli Dam.

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