The Camino de Santiago del Nord

Il cammino di Santiago (del Nord)

The Asturian and Galician Ways are at the very origin of the Jacobite pilgrimages, because it was from the Christian court of Oviedo that the first pilgrims left, including King Alfonso II al Casto, in the early years of the 9th century, when almost the entire Iberian Peninsula was under Muslim rule.

Subsequently, pilgrims arrived from all over the Cantabrian coast and also from the sea, arriving at the Basque, Cantabrian, Asturian and Galician ports. Once the French Way was consolidated, various links favored communication between both. The most important, León-Oviedo, allowed you to visit the extraordinary collection of relics of the Asturian capital. Oviedo is therefore a point of reference of great importance in this Way. Historically there are many famous pilgrims who have preferred this route, among them St. Francis of Assisi and a series of pilgrim-chronicles who have left us the description of their journey.

The Way begins in Irùn on the border between France and Spain and mainly follows the coast touching beautiful cities such as San Sebastian, Santander, Gijon, with some detours inland and suggestive places such as Sobrado do Monxes.

It crosses the four northern provinces: Euskadi (Paìs Vasco), Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia.

Generally this journey involves the following stages:

  1. Irun – San Sebastián, Km 25
  2. San Sebastian – Zumaia Km 31
  3. Zumaia -Markina Km 39
  4. Markina – Gernika Km 26
  5. Gernika – Lezama Km 23,5
  6. Lezama – Portugalete Km 33
  7. Portugalete – Castro Urdiales Km 30,5
  8. Castro Urdiales – Santoña Km 31
  9. Santoña – Santander Km 36,5
  10. Santander – Santillana del Mar Km 37
  11. Santillana del Mar – Comillas Km 23
  12. Comillas – Colombres Km 30
  13. Colombres – Playa De Poo Km 27
  14. Playa De Poo – San Esteban De Leces Km 32
  15. San Esteban De Leces – Villaviciosa Km 37
  16. Villaviciosa – Gijon Km 26
  17. Gijon – Avilès Km 25
  18. Avilès – Soto De Luiña Km 42
  19. Soto De Luiña- Luarca Km 39
  20. Luarca – La Caridad Km 32
  21. La Caridad – Ribadeo Km 23,5
  22. Ribadeo – Mondoñedo Km 38
  23. Mondoñedo – Vilalba Km 35
  24. Vilalba – Miraz Km 37
  25. Miraz – Sobrado dos Monxes Km 26
  26. Sobrado dos Monxes- Pedrouzo Km 42
  27. Pedrouzo – Santiago Km 20

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